Rophe Specialist Care

About Us

Rophe Specialist Care was established in 2017, originally with the intention of being a comprehensive Diabetes & Endocrine center with a physician specialist, endocrinologist/diabetologist, ophthalmologist, psychologist, nephrologist, and dietician. Shortly after its inception, it was realized that we could serve our community better by offering other specialist services which were not available within this neighborhood hence the addition of other specialists including a pulmonologist, urologist, gynaecologist and dermatologist.

The name Rophe came about as we sought to name the practice as a source of healing and what better name was there than the name God called Himself when He spoke of His healing attributes (Exodus 15: 26); and so Rophe came to be implying a source of healing.

We commit to provide exceptional specialist care in a professional, caring, friendly, ethical, and empathetic manner; by offering the best health care that we can provide. We empower our patients to make good decisions concerning their health based on our partnership of integrity and trust.

To be the private health care facility to access outpatient specialist care; and the best private health care facility to work in Ghana

We aim to achieve customer satisfaction through:

  • Competence & Courtesy
  • Outstanding Service
  • Respect
  • Excellence


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